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Cost of Maintenance

Time and energy wearing devices have a great impact on efficiency in the work place.

Typically, steps like buying a new parts, tools or software to boost performance is only a temporary result, and on the long term, a more expensive resolution. Weighed against the cost savings due to the efficiency of new processors of computers amongst others, the investment in new devices becomes even more practical.


Efficiency and Productivity

Newer edition processors and software are smarter and more agile, making users able to accomplish goals which have a positive effect on performance and on the long run, revenue.  Newer processors allow you to optimise usage and can run multiple applications significantly faster which saves you a lot of time which is essential in a fast paced organisation.


GDPR Compliance - Enhanced Protection from Security Threats


With the evolvement of the security landscape over the last decade, organisations have the responsibility of becoming GDPR compliant and ensuring necessary resistance and defence against security threats.  It is key is to ensure the best practise when it comes to business information, customer data, employee identities and ultimately – your reputation. Essentially, users need a system that offers data encryption, amongst others.


Remote access to Computer Systems

With the evolvement of new systems such as the HP Business Desktops and Notebooks, computer systems can be accessed and managed remotely even when they’re switched off which practically eliminates the need for desk side visits.


Cloud Storage and Storage Management

As a performance boosting process, managing computer memory and storage is one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to enhance capabilities of your computer. How best to manage storage if not remotely, storing  data for access from anywhere and at anytime while optimising the performance of your computer system and making sure storage is not drained.  A refresh simply put, enables you to exploit the contemporary cloud medium


Mobility and Flexibility

New edition computer systems enable versatility in terms of multi-tasking capabilities, ability to work offline and sync when online, multiple control options such as touch, voice, pen and keyboard. If you do want mobility and flexibility, you have every reason to refresh your computer system


Exciting New Features

New Editions HP computer systems allow you a higher speed browser for efficiency with Windows 10 allowing you Microsoft Edge browser for optimised browsing speed.


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